We had a terrific night, sharing Wonders with our families and community members at the Education Celebration on Wednesday! Though we were all pretty nervous, it was easy to talk about the projects because we had been working on them for so long and knew a lot about our topics. We showed our guests the materials we used for research and even shared Weebly and how we created the websites.
At the beginning, we planned to use the cameras we had purchased with our grant money for the project. As we started to narrow down our topics, we realized that we wouldn't be able to take photos or video of the things we were researching. It's pretty tough to capture ostriches and ATVs at school! Even the things we do have on the school grounds like butterflies, insects and snakes were tough to photograph. We spent a lot of time taking photos around school so for the Education Celebration, Ms. G printed out a bunch of them and hung them up on the classroom wall. You can see many of them in the first photo above.

Here's an article from El Latino San Diego about the event. You can even see couple of our students during their presentation in the photo on the right!
7/22/2012 20:31:32

it's really wonderful that children could go in such place and develop their skills.


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