Googling and more Googling!
We've been working hard to get all of the projects ready in time for the Education Celebration coming up on Wednesday night. This is a special evening when we invite parents and community members to come into our classrooms and see one of the projects we've worked on this year.
The kids have been typing up their reports and searching the web for photos and video to help others really understand their topic. This part is easily the most exciting so far! It's so great to see the months of hard work finally come together.
We are lucky to have six computers in our classroom but when it comes to projects like this, it would be really helpful to have even more. It is so hard to be patient and wait for a machine to become available!

Although the children have been excited about the project from the very start, we've had some struggles with staying on track and working together. It has been a great opportunity to practice the Habits of Mind, especially Persisting, Managing Impulsivity, Thinking Interdependently and Remaining Open to Continuous Learning. Editing and revision are tough for second graders so we've also been able to work on Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision and Thinking Flexibly. I'm so proud to see the children helping each other and really working as a team. I can't wait to see it all come together this week...
7/22/2012 20:33:06

Work in a big group not really effective than like in a small, and people should take this into account.

7/31/2012 03:05:19

There is a sense to make children engaged in some kind of work.
It seems to be important that the kids accustom themselves to work as a team.

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8/1/2012 23:30:28

It's great that children learn to work in a team from the early childhood.
I believe it will help them in the process of socialisation and plus it teaches them to take responsibility for their work.

8/2/2012 06:45:55

working together is a great experience for the children. It is a pity we had not such kind of projects

9/23/2015 06:15:01

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